Masterbatch Services

Canadian Based Producer of Custom Colour Concentrates

Semi-Rigid PVC colours

Rapid Matching & Production of Flexible, Rigid & Semi-Rigid PVC colours

Custom Concentrates

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At Optima Colour,  We provide our customers with  quick turn around time the best quality plastic colourant  & the most advanced custom colour matching services.

Materbatches For Film & Sheet Plastics

Production Plastic Bag

Plastic Film Masterbatches

We offer Specialty Masterbatches that are used in a variety of film & sheet applications including food & consumer packaging, refuse bags, carrier bags, agricultural  & Geo-synthetics films.



Full Spectrum of Resins

Optima colour is a producer of a variety of resins used by the  plastics manufacturing industry. Our capability to allow rapid matching and production of Flexible, Rigid and Semi- Rigid PVC colours has made us Canada’s leader in  Masterbatch supply.

Custom Masterbatches

Custom colour concentrates and colour additives for packaging products.

Our fast service and high-quality custom colour matching, is the number 1 reason why processors use Optima Colour for their custom colour requirements .

Rapid Matching Of Flexible, Rigid & Semi-Rigid Product Colours

Semi-Rigid PVC colours

Rigid Packaging

Optima  Custom Colour Masterbatches For Packaging Manufactures

Specialty Additive Master Batches

additives-for -packaging


Optima Standard Additives

  • Antiblocks (AB)
  • Antifogs (AF)
  • Antioxidants (AO)

Specialty Polymer

Plastic Polymer granules

Specialty Polymer

  • Standard And Custom Compounds
  • Glass Filled Polypropylene

Specialty Blacks

Specialty Blacks


Specialty Blacks

  • Coating, Mono-filament, Inject Grades
  • FDA Black
  • CONEG Black

Specialty Whites

Specialty Whites For Plastic


Specialty Whites

  • 70% TIO2
  • 50% TIO2
  • TIO2 Extended Whites

Optima Colour Is A Canadain Based Producer Of Custom Colour Concentrates

Specialty Additive Masterbatches.

  • Compounded resin in a variety of resins
  • A host of  other Polymers
  • An extensive range of environmentally conscious Masterbatches
  • Environmentally conscious compounds